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Tsunami Wave - Freepik
World Tsunami Awareness Day 🌊

Tsunami early warning systems can only be effective if the population is aware of the tsunami risk and knows what to do in an emergency.

Aktive e57 Sirene
Siren Trial Alert Austria 2023 🔊

A functioning warning system is the prerequisite for effective alerting of the population.

Kockum Sonics Techniker im Einsatz am Flughafen Zürich
Change of sirens at Zurich Airport ✈️

Zurich Airport is now equipped with a modern alerting system

Pascal Loretz, Geschäftsführer der Kockum Sonics AG, auf der Suisse Public
Kockum Sonics at the Suisse Public 2023🇨🇭

Pascal Loretz, Managing Director of Kockum Sonics AG, describes his experience

Big Data , Iot , Artificial Intelligence (ai) Technology Every W
Smart City = Safe City 💡

How smart warning systems apply to the safety of the population in a networked city.

KockumSonics Fertigung Steuergeräte Albis
New - AT Global siren control unit🔌

The user-friendly all-rounder of siren controllers - Swiss Engineered, worldwide used

Businessman Pointing At His Presentation On The Futuristic Digit
Digitalisation in the Siren Business 🌐

In conversation with our Managing Director, Pascal Loretz, about the importance of digitalisation for early warning systems and the future of alerting the population.

Change of management 💼

With 2021 and the entry into force of the new Civil Protection Act, there will also be a new wind blowing in the corporate structure of Kockum Sonics AG.

Mobile Sirene SirMobile
New - mobile siren SirMobile 🪩

Lightweight, compact and usable anywhere - SirMobile, the high-power mobile siren