Hazard alarm siren - the siren for the fire brigade and emergency services

Safety in action - for effective alerting in case of danger

The siren for emergency services, fire brigade and construction sites

Hazard alarm sirens are used where there is danger for emergency personnel and workers. In this way, people can be warned at an early stage if there is a risk of collapsing buildings during fire brigade operations, track work, storms or blasting or other risks.
The pneumatic hazard alarm siren works entirely without electricity or battery; it is powered only by compressed air and therefore requires no external power source. This is also practical in the field, because the hazard alarm siren can simply be connected to a breathing air cylinder, common equipment with the fire brigade. Furthermore, the hazard alarm siren, packed in a small case, is handy and can be quickly deployed anywhere and at any time.


Possible applications

  • As a signaller in case of visual restrictions or limited radio and mobile connections
  • For information and warning in case of danger to persons in action – (in case of building collapse, track work, storm, construction sites, elementary events, removal of environmental disasters or blasting)
  • For self-protection

Product properties

High acoustic performance - powerful sound and unique, distinctive signal tone

Corrosion-resistant - funnel made of high-quality plastic

Almost unlimited membrane life

Functional through connection to a compressed air cylinder

Low air consumption

Adapts to regional and climatic conditions

Maintenance-free siren horns

Handy, easy to stow and transport