Relevant articles on alerting technology and warning systems, safety through sirens, emergency services and more.

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Siren test in Switzerland 🔊

Every year in February, the sirens wail all over the country. Why the siren test is so important and what to look out for during a real siren alarm.

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Sound pressure level explained 📖

When planning sirens, the term sound pressure level often comes into play, a complex topic - you can find all the information here.

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Plant fire brigade - Facts & Figures 🧯

Alarm solutions such as sirens are also indispensable for company and plant fire brigades.

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Fire brigades - the heroes in emergencies 🚒

For successful operations, fire brigades must be well prepared, sirens help in unpredictable situations.

Hochwasser in der Stadt
Early warning systems to prevent damage from natural disasters 🌧️

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. In summer, there is a risk of severe weather and flooding.

Emergency meeting points 📍

Meeting points for the population in disaster and crisis situations

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Blackout - What now? ⚫

What impact do power outages have on critical infrastructure such as warning systems?

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The history of the water alarm 🌊

About the beginnings of the water alarm and its significance today

Summer Thunderstorm
Summertime is storm time ⛈️

Severe weather can become a danger to people, animals & nature. Sirens and early warning systems are among the most reliable means of alerting people to disasters.

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On construction site - The siren installation explained 🧰

Fear of heights is a foreign word for our technical team. We take you to the construction site and explain how the installation of a siren system works.

Futuristic Smart City With 5G Global Network Technology
Future - Smart sirens, IoT and Co. 💡

The future of large-scale warning + alerting will be more decentralised, networked based on multi-channel solutions.

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Reliable alarming in industrial and production plants 🏭

Despite strict safety precautions, accidents, fires, explosions or the release of hazardous substances in industrial plants cannot be ruled out. An efficient warning system can save lives in an emergency.

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Evacuation - What to consider in case of emergency ⚠️

An efficient early warning system is part of a fast and effective evacuation in emergency situations.

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The Siren Project: Project Management + Planning 📝

A successful siren project includes: Sound project planning, competent team members and transparent communication.

Golf + Thunderstorm = Danger 🏌️

Golf courses are among the most vulnerable locations during a thunderstorm due to the terrain profile, free-standing trees, flagpoles and the often large distances to buildings.

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The Siren Project: Sound Analysis and Planning 📌

Background noise is an important factor that can affect sound transmission. Therefore, measurement for correct sound is an important element in a siren installation project.

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Protecting the population from disasters ☢️

Extreme weather and natural disasters have always threatened humanity. How do we protect ourselves from such events today and what can we do to prevent disasters?

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Silence - An insight into the anechoic chamber 🔇

This is how our products are measured in anechoic laboratories

Lightning and overvoltage protection ⚡

An important preventive investment that pays off in order to avoid damage caused by direct or indirect lightning effects.

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Siren alarm, compressed air and spine-chilling howls 📢

An exciting and informative article by Dr. phil. Juri Jaquemet on the history of sirens on the occasion of the annual howling.

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Why sirens are so important even in the age of digitalisation ❗

Sirens still form the core element in the overall system for alerting & warning the population.