Fire brigades - the heroes in emergencies 🚒

15 August 2023

Rettung von Kind durch Feuerwehrleute

They make an essential contribution to the safety of the population.

For successful operations, fire brigades must be well prepared, sirens help in unpredictable situations.

Fire brigades are an indispensable part of our society with a wide range of tasks. They provide assistance in the event of accidents, rescues of persons and animals, fires, collapses or catastrophic events such as natural hazards or chemical incidents.


Perhaps somewhat surprisingly for some, only a fraction of fire brigade operations actually involve firefighting (Feuerwehrverband, n.d.; Kanton Basel-Stadt, n.d.; Prévôt-Lüdi, 2023). Most often, fire brigades go out to provide technical assistance, as well as to clarify false alarms. Only about 10-20% of fire brigade operations are related to the original task of the fire brigade, i.e. fighting fires.

Almost a fortnight ago, more than 2,500 firefighters were deployed in the south of Austria to contain the catastrophic consequences of flooding after days of heavy rain (ZDF, 2023). Natural disasters and emergencies are often unpredictable. This makes it all the more important for fire brigades to be able to respond effectively to these difficult situations. Many factors play an important role in a successful operation:



Regular training in current techniques, procedures and safety protocols is essential to respond effectively to different types of emergencies. Good training and routinised processes ensure that procedures are known during operations and minimise the risk of mistakes in extreme situations.



In addition to expertise, adequate firefighting equipment, vehicles and technical aids are also necessary. Modern technologies, such as thermal imaging cameras, enable a more accurate assessment of the situation on site and help in decision-making. In addition, the emergency services must be able to rely on their communication equipment to pass on important information. Kockum Sonics offers with the hazard alarm siren – redundant to analogue pagers – a simple communication tool to effectively warn of hazards and unforeseen situations, such as the imminent danger of a building collapsing. Safety must not be neglected, especially when it comes to protecting emergency workers who risk their lives to provide assistance.

Operational readiness and planning

Fire brigades need to be ready to respond to emergencies around the clock. This requires sufficient numbers of qualified firefighters and effective shift planning to ensure that enough personnel are available at all times. Developing operational plans, regularly reviewing protocols and preparing for different scenarios are crucial to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. Well thought-out planning, combined with effective communication and coordination with other emergency services and response agencies, minimises the risk of mistakes and greatly increases the chances of success during an operation.



The success of fire brigades in operations depends on many factors – comprehensive, preventive preparation for emergencies is crucial. This means regular training, professional equipment and readiness of firefighters. Apart from effective protection of firefighters from danger, the speed with which emergencies can be responded to also plays a major role in the success of fire brigades. This is where reliable alerting systems such as sirens offer advantages:

  1. Efficiency: sirens can reach a large number of people in a short time. This is crucial to get firefighters to the scene as quickly as possible and to ensure an efficient response.
  2. Reliability: Unlike modern technologies, sirens are less vulnerable to technical breakdowns, power outages or network disruptions. They provide a robust solution for alerting.
  3. Familiar signal: Sirens produce a distinctive and universally known sound that immediately attracts attention and wakes people up.

In addition to the handy hazard alarm siren, Kockum Sonics also offers the digital IoT communication solution – ks.Alert. With ks.Alert, important operational information can be exchanged safely and efficiently, even over long distances. Kockum Sonics ensures effective alerting that arrives and is noticed. We stand for safety, service and quality. Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you about our warning and alerting solutions.

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