Digital Alerting & Siren Management - ks.Alert

Fully Remote Control and Monitoring of Sirens

ks.Alert - innovative, user-friendly, Swiss engineered

ks. Altert – the digital solution for location-independent control of electronic sirens. Rapid alerting and information flow can be crucial in emergencies to avert danger to people and property. With our IoT communication solution, efficient warning of the population and reliable information transmission to relief forces and the workforce is guaranteed.

An integrated chat function allows information to be exchanged quickly and efficiently in an emergency. In addition, push notifications with instructions can be sent to response teams and rescue forces via various communication channels.

The system can be connected to pagers and POCSAG via a channel extension, for additional redundancy.

Multi-factor authentication ensures that only authorized people have access to the siren system control via ks.Alert.

Old control units can be upgraded, simply by installing the antenna and hardware into the existing control unit.

Product properties

Location-independent and autonomous activation and deactivation of sirens

Access to all relevant information of your siren system

Push-Notification via App, SMS, Voice, E-Mail

Detailed event log

Flexible use with any number of users and groups

Multi-factor authentication

Optional addition that can be retrofitted

Available as an app for iOS and Android, as a program for Windows and macOS, and as a web-based application