Siren control unit AT Global including batteries

The user-friendly and innovative control unit for sophisticated alarm solutions

AT Global the innovative control unit - Swiss Engineered, worldwide used

The AT Global siren control belongs to the AT/AT-M product family but has been extended with additional functions and is mainly used for demanding alarm solutions. The AT Global has the same dimensions as the TK and AT/AT-M control unit.

Tailored to the requirements of the customers, up to 6 different alarm signals can be individually programmed. Voice announcements and behavioral instructions can be transmitted safely and quickly with the integrated microphone or the prefabricated canned voice messages. The AT Global is therefore ideally suited for applications in which voice messages need to be distributed in addition to alarm signals.

Like all our siren control units, the AT Global is equipped with batteries to guarantee proper functioning even in the event of a prolonged power interruption or power shortage.

The AT Global is user-friendly and very easy to operate. The siren is activated via the integrated display or via an additional external activation point. It is also possible to connect the siren control unit to a third-party system or to our remote control system for remote activation and monitoring of the siren.



Compact & user-friendly siren control unit

Very high operational reliability and system availability

Quick and easy installation

Easy deactivation without tools

User-friendly design and simple menu navigation

Status displays (LED) - system information can be called up directly on the display

Very long network independence thanks to integrated batteries

Microphone for voice announcements & behavioural instructions

Pre-programmed canned voices messages

Up to 6 different alarm and warning signals programmable

Real-time device monitoring

Low power and low energy consumption

Up to 15 feedback signals available / remote diagnosis possible

Multifunctional serial interfaces for connection to third-party systems

Some parameters and test functions individually configurable

Very high efficiency (input power/sound power)

Log memory for 1000 events