Accessory items


Safe external triggering point (key switch)

The solution for an independent manual alarm triggering.

As an option, external triggering points such as a key switch can be supplied, installed and connected with our siren systems. The external triggering point forms an independent and excellent redundancy to remote triggering systems based on radio or other cable-based infrastructures. Furthermore, in the event of local incidents or disasters, the desired siren system can be triggered quickly, easily and efficiently and the affected area can be sounded in a targeted manner. We have digital, monitored and short-circuit-proof electronic as well as analogue external triggering points in our product portfolio. For fire brigade sirens, a fire brigade pushbutton can be installed for external triggering.


Weather protection

Optimum protection for your external release point

External activation points are often exposed to the weather due to their location. Any penetration of water, moisture or dust into the switching mechanism can have a negative effect on the operational safety and availability of the external release point. The operational and functional safety of the external release point can be significantly increased by fitting a weather protection.

The weather protection made of aluminium or high-quality chrome steel impresses with its robust construction and aesthetic shape. It has proven itself in practice.


External box

Robust outdoor box to protect the siren control unit.

If desired, the siren control unit can also be installed outside a building. Our standardised and robust outdoor box optimally protects the system components from extreme conditions, weather influences and vandals, thus ensuring trouble-free and safe operation. The outdoor box is made of high-quality materials and can be supplied and installed as a wall or stand model. The system components are arranged in the interior of the outdoor box in a clear and user-friendly manner.


Installation material

The right installation material for every application

We have a broad and high-quality product portfolio in the area of installation material, which we obtain from local partners. The installation material is optimally matched to our products and meets the highest requirements. Within the scope of planning and depending on the project and local conditions, we select the appropriate installation and accessory items. On request, we offer customised special solutions. Installation material includes the following items, among others:

Poles and support tubes, pole brackets, braids, warning signs
Fixing, electrical installation, lightning protection material, surge protection components
Mounting walls, covers, small material, etc.


18 Watt emergency power box incl. kit

Modernisation to ensure functional safety and system availability of the remote control system in emergency power mode

The 18 Watt emergency power box incl. associated installation kit ensures that the siren control system can provide sufficient power to the Switzerland-wide remote control device (FGP) for proper operation in the event of a mains failure (emergency power operation). The 18 Watt emergency power box incl. associated installation kit was developed in 2016 by Kockum Sonics together with our partner on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP). A first-class alternative to the installation of an 18 Watt emergency power box is offered by the holistic and backwards compatible system solution Retrofit. See modernisation.