Accessory items


Secure external triggering station (key switch)

The solution for an independent manual alarm activation

Optionally, an external alarm triggering station such as a key switch can be installed and connected. The external alarm triggering forms an independent and excellent access to remote release systems on a wireless basis or other cable-based infrastructures. In case of an emergency or a catastrophe, the siren can be released in a simple, quick and efficient way. We also offer digital, monitored and short-circuit-proof electrical as well as analogue external trigger stations. A push button can be installed within the external trigger station for fire service siren systems.


Weather protection

Optimal protection for your external trigger station

Depending on location, external trigger stations are often exposed to the weather conditions. The ingress of water, moisture or dust in the switch mechanism can have a negative impact on operational safety and availability of the external release system. By installing weather protection, the operational safety and functional reliability of the external triggering station can be increased.

The weather protection casing is produced from aluminium and high-quality steel and is characterised by its robust construction and aesthetic form design. This weather protection casing for the external trigger station has proved effective in practice.


External cabinet

Robust cabinet to protect the siren control unit

Often, clients and home owners prefer the siren control unit to be installed outside the building. Our standardized and robust external cabinets offer optimal protection for all system components against extreme weather conditions and vandalism. An undisturbed and safe operation is guaranteed.

The external cabinet consists of high-grade materials and can be delivered and installed as a wall-mounted or floor model. The system components inside the cabinet are user friendly and are arranged clearly.


Installation material

The right material for each installation

We offer a wide product portfolio with high quality installation material, which we source from local partners. The installation material is ideally suited to our products and conforms to the highest standards. In the framework of planning, and depending on the project and the local conditions, we choose the best suited installation and accessories. Upon request, we offer tailor-made solutions. The following products are part of the installation material:

  • Masts, supporting tubes, pole mounting, warning labels, cable clamps
  • Fixtures, electrical installation material, materials for lightning protection, surge protection components
  • Mounting walls, covers, Incidentals etc.


18-watt emergency power box

Modernisation to guarantee functional reliability and system availability of the remote-control system during emergency power supply.

The 18-watt emergency power including the corresponding installation material ensures enough sufficient power and a flawless operation of the siren control unit with the Swiss remote-control system (FGP) during a power failure (emergency power operation). The 18-watt emergency power box and installation kit have been developed by Kockum Sonics on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP in 2016. A first-call alternative to the 18-watt emergency power box offers our reverse compatible system solution Retrofit – See Modernisation