Kockum Sonics Switch


Availability and operational safety of your plant are our priority

Under the term “operation and maintenance” and “life cycle management”, we combine all activities in the life cycle of your siren system: from spare parts management, inspections and maintenance to repair and modernisation. Over the entire life cycle of the siren system, Kockum Sonics assesses the condition of the system and suggests repair or modernisation if necessary.

Preventing problems before they occur

Investing in prevention of failure and repairs is worthwhile, especially for a safety system. Despite the advanced technology and constant system monitoring, the installations need regular and professional maintenance. Our services include various technical measures and visual inspection of the installation. During our route planning, we take into account environmental and economic aspects. Upon request, we take over the coordination and organisation of all your service assignments.


Why the right maintenance is so important:

Through professional maintenance from the manufacturer, the availability and operational safety of your system increases and risk factors such as false alarms or functional failures are minimized or eliminated. A regular inspection during the maintenance cycle helps to identify the optimisation potential and timely measures can put into place.

Advantages: Maintenance from the manufacturer


Regular and needs-oriented maintenance

Maintenance carried out by qualified service technicians with extensive experience

Early detection of damages

Spare parts availability guaranteed

Use of original parts – manufacturer warranty

Operational security and availability

Extension of system lifetime

Professional inspection of installation infrastructure and system condition

Expert control and regular battery replacement

Repair & incident management

Rapid, efficient and uncomplicated

In the event of errors or functional failures, we ensure rapid and efficient repair. With an expert repair service, lasting damages can be prevented and the lifetime and durability of the system prolonged. In cases of function and system failures, we support our clients with correct failure analysis and swift and comprehensive technical assistance.


Rapid, fast and solution-oriented repair services throughout Switzerland.

Telephone support in case of function and system failures (first level support)

Support during the classification of failure notifications

Fast reaction time

Technical support 24/7

High quality and efficient repair service

Qualified technicians with comprehensive knowledge and years of experience

Original spare parts from the manufacturer

Safety check and functional test following each repair

Confirmation notification following repair

Modernisation & Retrofit

Preserve what is good, optimise what is outdated – modernisation ensures safety and reliability

To think and act ahead is especially important for warning systems to ensure a flawless alert in cases of emergencies. All alarm systems and sirens need to be carefully maintained to guarantee they are fully operational and functional at any given time and protect your investment in the long-term.

Modernisation is important to meet changing requirements and to keep the siren system up to date with the latest technologies.


Solution Retrofit– sustainable protection for today and tomorrow

In 2017 Kockum Sonics AG developed a revolutionary and intelligent system solution: Retrofit, based on the latest technology (key switch monitoring). This technology and system solution has been approved and certified by the FOCP (Federal Office of Civil Protection).


Reasons for modernisation:

Improvement of system availability

A cost-effective and efficient solution in comparison to a complete replacement

Increased level of security, guaranteed operational safety

Extension of system lifetime

Greater usability

Increased value of the siren system

New functionalities

Minimisation of repair and maintenance costs

Hassle-free, easy and efficient modification/retrofitting

"As project manager for the canton of Bern, I particularly appreciate the flexibility, the expertise and experience regarding installation, the constant availability and the fast response time if battery changes or repairs are necessary. The system and the technology meet the standard of the FOCP and correspond to the current state of the art. "

Claude-Eric Wessel, Ehm. Head of Technology, Civil Protection and Military, Canton of Bern