Railway technology

Pneumatic train siren TYFON®

The original in top quality from Kockum Sonics

Pneumatic warn systems for railway vehicles

The TYFON® is a pneumatic siren, which has been used in trains since the 1920s. The TYFON® siren horns have been continuously developed and refined and are still used today for rail vehicles. The excellent and distinctive sound of the TYFON® siren is world-renowned for its auditive high performance signalisation. The TYFON® can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions – from the arctic cold to tropical heat.

The sound pressure level can be individually adjusted. The siren horn is maintenance free and has a very low air consumption.

A large variety of accessories such as particle protection made from nylon or metal, heating elements and copper funnels are available on request.

Product features

Corrosion-resistant – light funnel made of thermoplastic

Almost unlimited diaphragm lifespan

High acoustic performance

Low air consumption

Adaptation to regional requirements and climatic conditions

Cost-effective – low life-cycle costs

Resistant and durable materials

Integrated heating element when required


Maintenance-free siren horns

Norm-compliant products

Image source: Freepik