Railway technology

Electronic TYFON® for railway vehicles

The multifunctional siren for all type of railway vehicles

Acoustic warning system for railway vehicles

The electronic TYFON® siren is a further development of the classic pneumatic TYCON® sound emitter and it is operated electronically. The electronic TYFON® can be used in various railway vehicles, also in units that have little or no compressed air supply such as trams and metros. In addition, different acoustic signals and speech announcements can be programmed, which makes this product a favourite among railway vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

The electronic TYFON® siren meets the highest requirements and withstands extreme climate conditions. For very low temperatures, a heating function can additionally be integrated.

The electronic TYFON® complies with all relevant railcar vehicle norms: TSI LOC&PAS, IEC 61373, EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 45545-2.

Product features

Corrosion-resistant– funnel made of robust plastic

Configurable – with up to 5 different programmable sound pressure levels and frequencies

High acoustic performance

Almost unlimited diaphragm lifespan

Adaptation to regional requirements and climatic conditions

Cost-effective – low life-cycle costs

Resistant and durable

Integrated heating element when required


Maintenance-free siren horns

Security nets and protective cover (optionally available)

TK 251H/252H – the compact all-rounder

The TK 251H/252H is a universal and compact control device for all type of rail vehicles with high acoustic power and memory capacity of up to 5 warn signals. Settings such as sound pressure levels and acoustic signals can easily edited via the internal USB-connection.