Mobile Siren SirMobile
Simply usable everywhere

Light, compact and powerful

Multifunctional and user-friendly

The SirMobile is versatile, multifunctional and quickly ready for use at any time; in the event of severe weather warnings and natural events (including debris flows, drinking water contamination, chemical accidents, etc.) as well as civil events such as mass gatherings, major events or strikes.

With the associated microphone, the emergency services can additionally inform the population in a targeted manner by means of voice announcements and disseminate instructions on how to behave. The SirMobile mobile siren is thus ideally suited as a supplement and redundancy to stationary siren systems or for targeted alerting, warning and information in rural or remote areas.

The SirMobile consists of a 360° omnidirectional spherical loudspeaker and a compact and lightweight control unit. With the crank stand, which can be up to 3.8 m high, and the power bank, it can also be operated autonomously and independently of the mains, completely without a vehicle. The SirMobile is supplied with a Rako transport box or, on request, with an elegant and robust rolling case (Transport Trolley).

The SirMobile meets the requirements of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) and has been tested and certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

The SirMobile mobile siren can be rented on request, including control unit and microphone. Contact us for further information.

Product features

Lightest and most compact mobile siren on the market

Quick and easy mounting and initial set-up without tools (by one person)

Spare parts warranty guaranteed

Versatile and multifunctional

Completely autonomous operation with tripod and power bank


Very high acoustic power and reach

Modern, aerodynamic spherical loudspeaker

Optimal 360° sound radiation

LED-flashlight on spherical loudspeaker available on request

Mountable on all car roofs


Latest digital sound technology

User-friendly control unit with push buttons and handle

Test function with reduced acoustic power

Power supply via cigarette lighter, on-board socket or power bank

Live speech announcements via microphone

Permanent replay of acoustic signal configurable

Replay of alarm signals and audio playback via Smartphone possible