Pneumatic siren
TYFON® sound emitter

The classic among siren horns

The TYFON® Tremulator, Triple and Super Triple with two or more horns are the classics among pneumatic sirens and are used in industrial areas, on military grounds, power plants, airport grounds, ships as well as on fire stations. The TYFON® MKE Tremulator with two horns is often used as a standard siren in the area of civil protection. In Switzerland they are mostly used for fire service alarm systems.

The legendary TYFON® KTG sirens meets the TYFON® standards and has been in operation as a civil protection siren in Switzerland and around the world since 1984.

Upon request, the corresponding compressor, compressed air bottle as well as diverse accessories such as pressure regulators, release button or air pressure gauge can be supplied.

Product features

High acoustic performance and sound quality

Unique, distinctive acoustic signal

Corrosion resistant – Funnel from high quality plastic

Almost unlimited diaphragm lifespan

Low air consumption

Adjustment to regional and climatic conditions

Integrated heat element if required

Maintenance free siren horns