Modernisierung Steuergerät AT-M

Modernisation & Retrofit

Always at the cutting edge of technology. Our modern systems offer extended functions such as remote control and monitoring of security systems, reduced susceptibility to faults, no false alarms, and improved user-friendliness.

Key switch monitoring – Retrofit – sustainable protection for today and tomorrow

In Switzerland, sirens are generally triggered centrally and remotely (Polyalert) by the cantonal police. As a redundancy, however, sirens can also be triggered locally using external key switches. Older key-operated switches in particular are sometimes not well protected against the weather or unauthorised access, which can lead to false alarms. In the past, a false alarm was triggered if the electrical connection between the siren controller and the key switch was interrupted. This is a thorn in the side of civil protection, as false alarms are irritating and jeopardise an appropriate response from the population in an emergency.


Since 2017, Kockum Sonics AG has therefore been offering a unique, sophisticated solution for monitoring key switches – the so-called “retrofit”. This means that false alarms can be ruled out. The key switch is now smart; it is equipped with electronics that constantly transmit information to the siren control unit. However, if there is an interruption in the electrical connection between the siren control unit and the key switch, the alarm is no longer triggered, but the responsible persons are informed that the key switch has malfunctioned. The new technology has been certified and approved by the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP). For retrofitting, key switches and parts of the siren control unit, specifically the CPU board, must be replaced.


IoT – Remote siren control, monitoring and emergency coordination – ks.Alert

As experts in large-scale alerting and warning, we see system availability, user-friendliness and efficiency in the operation of sirens as decisive factors. With the ks.Alert IoT solution introduced in 2023, Kockum Sonic’s sirens can now be checked for functionality and triggered regardless of location.


Users of ks.Alert are immediately informed about faults in the systems via push notification, email, SMS or Pocsag signal. In addition, ks.Alert offers an internal chat function in which the responsible persons can coordinate their response to a notification.


The ks.Alert IoT solution can be retrofitted at any time. All you need to do is add a small industrial PC to the siren control unit. We then set up a user account and customise the settings to the customer’s individual needs. Finally, we train our customers in the correct use of the IoT solution – don’t worry, the operation is very intuitive and we are happy to help if anything is unclear.