Emergency meeting points 📍

24 April 2023


Emergency meeting points - an important point of contact in the event of an incident

Meeting points for the population in disaster and crisis situations

Disasters, power failure, no mobile phone network – In case of failure of vital infrastructures and important means of communication, emergency meeting points serve as contact points in communities.

Emergency meeting points are assembly points intended for emergencies and as a contact point for residents. In the event of a disaster, they offer a safe, protected environment and rapid assistance. These assembly points are equipped with the necessary infrastructure, such as off-grid lighting, first aid equipment, seating or beds and water. In addition, emergency assembly points need the possibility of transmitting large-scale announcements and instructions by means of loudspeakers.


This is where mobile sirens come into play, which not only alert people with a signal, but can also reproduce targeted behavioural instructions with voice announcements. They can also be used to alert people to the location of the emergency meeting point. Emergency meeting points are important contact points for the population in disaster and crisis situations. Therefore, not only the equipment is essential, but also the awareness of the inhabitants. They need to know where they are and how they can get there most quickly.

In the event of an incident, the emergency meeting points are in operation 24 hours a day and for several days if necessary and can be used as:

  • Information points for the population
  • Reporting and contact points to authorities and rescue organisations
  • First aid and medical care centres
  • Collection points for transporting the population to be evaluated
  • Distribution points for drinking water or to meet other basic needs


The concept of emergency meeting points has already been implemented in several cantons and communes and is to be used throughout Switzerland in the future. For more information on emergency meeting points and where to find your nearest emergency meeting point, click here: Notfalltreffpunkte.ch



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