Alarmierung Im Tunnel

Road tunnels

An effective warning system for more security in tunnels

Road tunnels bear a high risk whenever accidents and car fires occur. Accidents in tunnels are still unavoidable and can have devastating consequences. Emergency and evacuation concepts as well as an efficient alarm system are all the more important. Tunnel fires can lead to strong smoke fumes which can drastically affect vision and orientation. As an effect, emergency exits, escape routes or shelter can be difficult to recognize.

Comprehensive tests have shown that acoustic signals in addition to conventional visual signalisation can help people to orient themselves better.
An innovative concept with special programmed acoustic signals and pre-programmed voice announcements helps to lead people trapped in the tunnel to the nearest exits and escape routes in a faster and more efficient way, especially in dense smoke.

By order of the Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), Kockum Sonics has realised a new and innovative tunnel alarm system in Brig, Canton of Valais. The acoustic warning system is based on each 3x Delta-2 siren per tunnel tube and a user-friendly control unit. In the event of an emergency, an alarm can be set off rapidly and easily.


Very high availability and operational safety, even during long-lasting power failures

Effective alerting for a fast evacuation in a case of emergency, even when visibility is limited

Acoustic signals are universal and internationally recognizable

Individual programmable and configurable alarm signals and voice announcements

Cost-effective operation and maintenance