Alarmierungs- und Warnsysteme Industrieanlagen

Industrial plants and power stations

Warning system solutions for more security in and around industrial factories and power stations

Factories and chemical plants often use substances that can be harmful to human and animal health and life. The COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations) is mandatory for factories with a high-risk potential. Despite strict regulations and norms these companies need to fulfil, a residual risk always remains. Transportation, storage and processing of hazardous components and elements (such as radioactive materials, oil, natural gas or chemicals) can lead to explosions, fire or leakages of dangerous substances harmful to the environment, people and animals. Undoubtedly, such catastrophes and incidents would have far-reaching consequences.

Kockum Sonics offers reliable, user-friendly and efficient solutions with electrical and pneumatical siren systems for industrial factories and power stations. The products have been developed and produced according to the highest standards to fulfil the above-mentioned requirements.
Upon request, the alarm signals can be individually programmed and configured.

Image: Canton Aargau


Very high availability and operational safety, even during long-lasting power failures

Vast reach and acoustic power – sonication of the entire area

Simple and comprehensive system solution

Excellent cost-benefit ratio in comparison with decentralised alert systems

Integration and connection in existing control systems is possible

Individual programmable and configurable alarm signals and voice announcements

Cost-effective operation and maintenance