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Airports and airport grounds

Safety at the highest level
Acoustic warning and alarm systems for airports and airport grounds

Despite strict guidelines at airports and airport grounds, dangerous incidents can occur. A fast and efficient alerting and warning in these areas is therefore paramount.
During an emergency such as a technical or mechanical problem of a plane during a landing approach, the airport control centre can issue an alarm within seconds. All necessary authorities, airport operators and internal fire brigades can be immediately alerted and informed to take actions.

Kockum Sonics offers comprehensive and proven alarm and warning systems that comply with all requirements of the military and civil aviation.
The system offers pre-programmed messages and voice announcements. Due to network independence, the siren systems work faultlessly even during a longer-lasting power failure. The system is constantly monitored and disturbances can be retrieved directly from the control centre.


Very high availability and operational safety, even during long-lasting power failures

Vast reach and acoustic power – sonication of the entire area

Effective alerting for a fast evacuation in case of emergency

Alarm activation within seconds

Individual programmable and configurable of alarm signals and voice announcements

Cost-effective operation and maintenance