Siren control unit including batteries
TK 250-500-750-1000 Z + K

Compact and user-friendly

The revolutionary first digital siren control unit

The control unit TK was launched in 2006 and has since proven itself on the market.

The siren control system TK is easy to operate thanks to the graphic display (128×64 pixel) and saves all of the activities in the internal logbook. The two output performance levels have been programmed for the sound emitter Delta 8 with a power output of 1000W. A separate siren control device with identical construction features is used for different performance levels 750/500/250. The individual frequency control is pre-programmed and provides an optimal alarm outcome. The temperature-compensated and integrated battery charger ensures a gentle charging of the batteries. The batteries, coverage and cable sets are part of the installation material and included in the scope of delivery.

The manual activation is performed easily using the installed key switch in the control unit. Optionally, an external triggering station such as a detached key switch can be installed.

Upon request, the siren control unit can be delivered with additional interfaces and a microphone for voice announcements.

Fields of application

Product features

Compact siren control unit

Very high system availability and operational safety

Quick and easy installation possible

Easy decommissioning without tools

Compact and user-friendly design with easy menu navigation

Status display (LED) – system information retrievable via the display

Very long network-independency for at least 5 days (integrated batteries)

Up to 6 different programmable alarm and warning signals

Real-time device monitoring

Individual output of acoustic power configurable (1-100%)

Low power use and low-energy consumption

Up to 15 responses available / remote diagnostic possible

Multifunctional serial interfaces

Very high efficiency (input performance / acoustic power)

Log memory for 500 activities